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Joyce Burt



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I am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, a wife and a mother to an energetic 6 year old son!

My favorite hobbies would have to be reading, traveling with my family and of course, playing Violin! :)

I come from a big family where music was always around, so there was never a quiet or dull moment. I was always intrigued by the sound of strings since I was a young girl. The biggest thing I have discovered since starting music lessons has been that there are no limitations.  I can have a sit down theory lesson one week, then a technical lesson the next. My teacher is so patient, flexible and let's me learn at my own pace

One of my life goals is to be an inspiration to others, if that is just simply showing kindness or letting them know that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams. No matter how big or small it may be.
Oh I have already told MANY people about the Academy.  Everyone is so kind and welcoming, you can schedule whenever is convenient for you, and the staff is very encouraging!

My husband has been such an inspiration to me.  One day I told him I always wanted to learn violin and he asked "Why don't you".  

That same day I called the Academy and I started lessons the next week.  I have loved it ever since and there is no end in sight! :)

-Joyce Burt

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