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Chris Domingue



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Well this is a surprise.  Growing up I was never the “student of the month!”  I’m glad I didn’t “Peak” too early in life…

I am from Lafayette, LA and graduated from STM in 1991.   I joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and was deployed to Somalia and Kuwait.  After I left the Marines I went to school at ULL (formally USL) and graduated with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Entrepreneurial Management.  

After graduating got a job in the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Soon after, I was offered a position at the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis and eventually moved my family 5 times as I climbed the corporate ladder.  After about 10 years I moved back home where I plan on staying.  There is no place like Acadiana.  

My favorite hobby is fishing and being on my boat with my family.  I also enjoy riding bikes and running.  

I have always loved music.  Growing up I was a huge Metallica fan.  I and would play the air guitar and my older brother would play the air drums.  As much as Ioved music, I never made time to try and learn playing a real guitar.  I don’t have a favorite genre and love anything from hard rock to country.

I love that I can go at my pace and I celebrate when I can transition from one chord to another and it sounds similar to the song I am used to hearing on the radio.  Now when I hear a song, I look up the chords on the internet and see what they are…then try playing the song…It is rewarding to see I can play a lot of the chords but also challenging when there is something new.  

My life goal is be a good husband, father and friend and get to heaven.  I’d like to retire early and spend time with my family.   I’ve been married for 26 yrs and have two adult children.

The staff is friendly and welcoming.  I travel a lot and can’t always make the lesson each week…The Music Academy of Acadiana is extremely flexible and works with my schedule to make it work.  I’m just getting started and Rene (my instructor) is great.

She asked what kind of music I like and what my goals were.  She gave me a few chords to work on and then showed me a few songs I liked that used those chords.  As I was getting better, she also challenged me to try new music with more difficult chords.  

Rene has encouraged me to just spend 15 to 20 minutes a day… Really that is all it takes, however I find myself playing more than that because I enjoy it so much.

Have a blessed day,

Chris Domingue

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